Vegas Friends of Bill is Live!

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Vegas Friends of Bill is Live!

My fellows! I’m so excited to announce this site being fully functional. I would like to just take a few moments to talk about the features of this site. It is meant to be user friendly, intuitive, and most importantly- get people connected to meetings! Here are the things you will find on this site.

The Meetings. This is the primary purpose of this site. In each listing, you will find the zoom link, meeting ID, password (if available), and a brief description. What are you waiting for? Jump in there and join in the fellowship.

The E-Literature Table. This is a good resource if you don’t have a tangible big book or daily reflections. You should defiantly consider purchasing digital literature from, central office needs your support now more than ever.

Help guides section. We have three pertinent articles for you reading pleasure. One directed towards users to get started using zoom. I would really encourage my less tech-savvy users to take a look at this quick read. The second article is directed towards meeting hosts on how to keep meetings safe and secure. This is also brief but is very important if you are hosting meetings. The last article is directed toward everyone on etiquette and anonymity. Remember our traditions!

Add Your Meeting. If you know a meeting that is not listed on our site, please fill out the form and include as much information as you can. Our developers will add the meeting info as quickly as possible after verifying it’s legitimacy.

News Section. This section is for general announcements, news, and cool little stuff that we would like our community to be aware of! If you have some breaking news that you want to be published here- please submit it to: and we will work as fast as we can to include it into the site.

Should you have any questions, comments or general concerns- please don’t hesitate to contact Andrew by email:

I wish you all happiness and health!

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  1. John S. says:

    Thank you for all of your efforts. I use this website a lot.

  2. Tiff C. says:

    hi there! what a wonderful site you have built for us all. I have shared the link with friends in the program to help spread the word

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