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Central Office Needs Our Support!

Hello again my dear friends. Right now more than ever central office needs our support. Without a 7th tradition as a source of income for us, matters are turning grave. If you use Zoom meetings and are active in the program, you understand the importance of the 7th tradition. Please take a moment to visit and visit the page to contribute. There is an option to give your credit card info, or mail in…
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How Are Alcoholics Dealing With the Pandemic? This Article Speaks for Itself

Hello friends! I wanted to share an article from a dear friend of mine that speaks volumes to the crisis at hand. In these uncertain times it can be very stressful for us in recovery. Take a moment to read Gabby Hart’s article published Friday April 17th regarding this topic.

Vegas Friends of Bill is Live!

My fellows! I’m so excited to announce this site being fully functional. I would like to just take a few moments to talk about the features of this site. It is meant to be user friendly, intuitive, and most importantly- get people connected to meetings! Here are the things you will find on this site. The Meetings. This is the primary purpose of this site. In each listing, you will find the zoom link, meeting…
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